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Ringo Stalone

C.T.Z.N. aka Ringo Staline, is not a communist, despite his appearance, but he does gladly share his mesmerising sets to his community of adoring anarchists followers.
He discovered techno in a gulag somewhere in Russia, although he claims he’s born and raised in France.
He might even be Belgian, but no one can prove this, except maybe his love of Mayonnaise and Fries.
This absolute weirdo should not be considered a DJ either. He doesn’t really give a shit if you like what he plays. Plus he only plays either Deep Techno with a penchant for darker vibes and/or any afro infused electronics. But that’s it. So don’t waste your saliva communicating to him as he’ll most likely tell you “no” for any music request or maybe “the gulag is this way”


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