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Madness Cr3w presents:


Dear Madness Family,

It’s that time of the year again when we can just make plenty excuses to dress up as weird as we want and dance through the night.

Hop in for a wild ride with us on the 25th of October. 😁😜
Dress Code: Costumes and Silly Outfits 🎉💃🎇


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Madness Carnival

Madness Cr3w presents:

South of France Festival

After one year of organizing events in the Netherlands our team decided that it was time to take some sun. After scouting out some sunny places which were madness vibes friendly we finally found our paradise.
A beautiful beach club called “l’Eden” close to the Spanish boarder in the French little town of Claira.

We wanted to take our family with us and quickly found out that a much bigger than exepted crazy group of happy minds was ready to take the leap of faith with us. A party organised out of the flat country by a bunch or happy people passionate by music and everything which goes around it.

The rest is history… And unicorns. Loads of unicorns.


Madness CR3W :

Birthday beats at RADION

This event took off two years after everything started. After gathering all happy and mind alike people we wanted to be properly thankful to our crowd with a place we knew they would love …

RADION came up as a natural step to take. This long time established monument of the electronic scene of Amsterdam is probably one of the most playful venue to party in and one of the most joyful to play in as a DJ.

We turned in upside down from early till late with about 300 Madness members enjoying themselves and hitting the floor with their feet until we could hear the birds starting singing outside.

We will definitely be back at Radion, like everyone else should. As guest, host, DJ or simple lost soul looking for having a good time.



invites Mirella Kroes at VLLA

Expanding our horizons, meeting new people, discover new songs, new feelings.

Thinking in this direction we had a strong willingness to extend our knowledge to other organisation all across Europe. This event was one of them. We visited Budapest a few times and attended some events from the crew and label called LAVA LAVA. It’s completely naturally that we invited them to join one of our parties in Amsterdam.

And what’s a better welcome than a welcome with one of the dutch techno hero from Amsterdam? Mirella Kroes joined the venture. Between Awakenings and red light Radio she joined the Madness X LavaLava at VLLA, another secret hot spot from Amsterdam.

This all thing was brain damaging. Worse it.